Emerging European Capital
Private Banking in Central and Eastern Europe
EE Cap offers Private Banking services to High Net Worth Individuals in Central and Eastern Europe.

EE Cap advises its clients on the risk/reward profiles of investing into ETF Funds, stocks, bonds, commodities (oil, gas, gold, platinum, wheat, etc.) as well as foreign currencies.

EE Cap prefers to invest in a conservative way. Thus, the client's investment is very well suited to be looked at as an additional pension plan/scheme in the European Union, which the client can use as an addition cushion/reserve once the client turns 50 or 60 and retires from a a productive period of his life into pension. EE Cap will gladly either pay at once all the money back to the client upon he reaches the age of 50 or 60. Moreover, EE Cap can also arrange monthly payments till the rest of a client's life as an additional pension plan.

If you are interested in our private banking services or investing through us, please contact Martin Masar, Managing Director at the contact details mentioned below:
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